How it all started

Porridge for Parkinson’s began in Vancouver in 2001. Marg Meikle, former CBC radio host and celebrity, developed Parkinson’s Disease (PD) at the early age of 43. She was determined to do something to advance a cure for this progressive disease. Her symptoms, as with most people with PD, are least active in the mornings. With this in mind she started a low-key breakfast event in her home to raise money for Parkinson’s research. Through Marg’s efforts, this event has mushroomed and inspired similar breakfast events that have raised over one million dollars for Parkinson’s research.

Researchers have a better understanding of Parkinson’s and are close to a cure. As Marg said, “We can’t sit around waiting for something to happen. The fact that the science is ahead of the money inspires Porridge for Parkinson’s.” Events were held in Toronto in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 and have been a resounding success.

Click to read Sheila Knox’s reflections on her friend Marg Miekle which is included in a publication celebrating the Porridge for Parkinson’s founder.

Click to read Parkinson’s Changed Who We Were as a Family by 2011 Committee Member Hannah Etlin-Stein which appeared in the Globe and Mail.

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Our Current 2015 Organizing Committee
Adrienne Anderson, Marsha Baillie, Jen Cerny, Jean Crawford, Jenny Ginder, Susan Jackson Craig, Sheila Knox, Monica Martin, Debi Perna (Co-Chair), Shelli Schwartz, Lauren Sheffield, Beth Sulman (Co-Chair), Barb Vari, Deb Voorheis (Past Chair), and Joanne Yolles.

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Past and current committee members preparing for our 2011 and 2013 events.

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